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I really like the minimal thing, just your name on top, then mouseover and you get your profile options.

Like this, see effect: http://demo.webinterfacelab.com/13-profile-popover/

And here an inspiration for user notifications: http://demo.webinterfacelab.com/1-top-bar/

Q2A version: 1.5.4
I love this cool stuffs.. fantastic and thanks for sharing..

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Hi Kia,

I have already done this customization for one clients with online user display widgets. So concept was as below

Widget display Online / Offline status with color change

Instead of mouse hover when user right click on user's avatar or name it will show jQuery context menu with links of user profile, private message

Where user also can direct click on avatar or username to go to user page.

-- Actually right click menu was client requirement. check below image

But I like the look and feel of your reference links. That looks more fancy. Notificatio bar looks cool.. Thanks for sharing.