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There is an option in the Points section - "Limit from up votes on each question". I am unable to understand how it is used.

Can any one please clarify?

Q2A version: 1.5.4
Is the logic that asker cannot have more points from one question than in set  "Limit from up votes on each question: +100 points" .

If question gets for example 20 up votes and for each up votes asker gets 10 points it is in all 200 points , but there is limit that asker can have only +100 points.  Asker gets only +100 points from that question?
I think this limitation is absolutely unnecessary. And yes, the text label is difficult (or not) to understand!

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You just asked a question. On the left you have the vote count box where at the moment it says "0". When you use that option, whatever the number you input is the maximum you can get. Example, save it as '5' means the question vote will not exceed '5'.
And what's the point of that limit?
I don't care about the 'point', I just answered your question lol.