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The homepage shows the Q& A page but it does not have page nos. at bottom & only the Questions/Search results/Unanswered pages display page nos. at bottom

What code should i add & in which file should it be added for the page nos. to be shown on Q & A.

A user has given a solution here http://www.question2answer.org/qa/20897/how-to-bring-1-2-3-100-next-to-the-front-page but i couldnt understand anything.I did search for those codes in files but still dont know where to add as Q2A codes are somwhat very differnt & im a newbie to php.

So kindly help me in adding page nos. for Q & A page itself by providing the code & the file to add.

Thanks in advance.
Q2A version: latest

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Pagination is a challenge for pages listing answers and/or comments because multiple answers/comments can belong to the same question. The first page can merge the top (say) 50 Q, A and Cs using qa_any_sort_and_dedupe(...) to list each question only once, connected to its most recent post. But there's no easy way to display the subsequent pages of that same list via an efficient database query, without a more complex database schema. I'm sure opinions will differ on this but it doesn't seem like a valuable tradeoff to me.

One exception I made is for the list of answers by a specific user (coming in Q2A 1.6), because generally users only answer each question once.

great to see a legend in here :)
For the "answers by a specific user" it makes sense to show every answer anyway, even if they answered a question multiple times.
Are you doing it like my plugin, with a snippet of the answer?
Not as of yet. Take a look on this site :)
Are you planning to do that? Listing questions on the answers page is a bit unintuitive, as the votes listed are for the question instead of the answer.
Not sure yet - sorry I can't give a more specific answer.