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Ah! actually today itself I again got the same issue. When I was working on new plugin and found issue again. Means call back function of course works but overriding creating an isue.

You, Me and may other facing the same issue and trying to solve it but what I believe this may be like this as when we are overriding function and not calling back so it is completely ignoring the core function and same way in other pluigns too.

May be need some WP type add_action and add_filter API. This is just only suggestion
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The solution I am using is not "clean" but works:

I just merge the functions of both plugins.

This is a coder solution, but not a normal user one :)


PS: When overriding a function I do not call other custom functions from it, just core. So make sure to handle calls of custom functions properly if there are any.

Yes Kai, this is right another alternative if don't want to use any plugin but what if you want to develop plugin. It can conflict with other plugins overrides the same function.