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I am new to PHP and wondering what do I need to edit or add to change the page title only for the home page? ty



@ron -- Hi, I mean for the home page the tab says ---  "answers.mysite.com"  .  I want to be able to edit that so it says "My Site - Blah blah blah"  I can do that in admin layout but it changes it for all pages and I just want to change it for the home page.
Do you mean to edit the URL?
codquestions.com  page title is exactly the solution I'm looking for
The site you linked has COD Questions on all pages. Can you link me to your site to compare?

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You need to make to changes at your admin panel of Q2A. 1. At general Tab ->Q&A site name: _________________ [Blah blah blah] 2. Layout Tab -> Put your logo image url.