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when some one signs up, how to get notification to admin mail id?

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You can't currently do this through the admin interface. But take a look at function qa_create_new_user(..) in qa-app-users-edit.php - you can easily add some code to send an email from there. You might find the function qa_send_email(...) in qa-util-emailer.php useful for that.
pls plan this feature in future release, when some one registers send details of IP address also. This will help admins to control the SPAM user registration (SPAM users create multiple accounts and put links to their junk website on profile page).
I have same opinion with ProThoughts. In addition, I want a another mode to register  user with after passing through the approval of the manager. When there is the arbitrary text field to input information to approve right registration into, I am glad.
I agree with you. after email confirmation by user,  account should go for moderation and after approval user should be able to post questions or edit his personal info; but this feature should be optional.

admins can use this when there is lot of SPAM user registration.

stopforumspam.com and botscout.com shows how SPAM users bother site admins.
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Under admin/spam you have the option: "Email me when a new user registers:".

I have also released a new free plugin "Notify on User Registration" that will have more options. Please see http://www.question2answer.org/qa/33225/ or directly: http://www.q2apro.com/plugins/notify-registration

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