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I'm noticing that spammers are targeting Q&A sites by asking questions and leaving links and also asking questions and answering with links. Is there a way to moderate questions and answer that contain links in them at all?
Q2A version: 1.5.4
Did they confirm their emails?
I allow anonymous posting without moderation. I just want to be able to moderate posts with links in them as a good 70% of the time they are spamming seeking backlinks.

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You can change settings with modorate question before view to public that's how you can control. Of course there is no such system yet in core to check if there is a link and than it will goes to modoration queue.
I understand that but as I run so many other sites moderation would take way too long to get the questions out there. If I could just moderate the questions/answers with links in them I could just shift thru who's spam and who's not you what I mean.
There is one more problem. An anonymous user might create question without link and after it gets approved, user can modify question and add link. And modified question does not come into moderation as it is already approved.