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Could really use some help getting the LDAP plugin working.

Please help.


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I got it working on a local set up.  It turned out that my biggest issue was figuring out my proper LDAP login and the LDAP search strings.  I had to get the search string information from our IT department.  Once I told it the correct login, it worked well.  


My ldap-config.php looks something like:


// original  $ldap_search_strings = array( 'uid=USERNAME,ou=lala,ou=www,dc=example,dc=com', 'uid=USERNAME,ou=lala2,ou=www,dc=example,dc=com' );
$ldap_search_strings = array('CN=USERNAME,OU=Users,OU=Department1,OU=CompanyName,DC=intranet,DC=CompanyName,DC=com',
$ldap_hostname = 'ldap://SERVER_IP'; // use ldap:// for non ssl encrypted servers
$ldap_port = 389; // use 389 for non ssl encrypted servers


One issue that we ran into was that Question2Answer limits the user logins (called handles) to 20 characters.  We had people with LDAP IDs more than 20 characters.  I am still working on figuring out how to handle that.  In the meantime, I re-enabled the user registration so that people with long LDAP handles can still use the system.
Thanks very much mbentley!  I really appreciate the response.  Its been hard to get it working.  I'll play around with LDAP and see if I can get mine working.
Also with the first part of the config, you leave the search_strings alone, correct?
No, the search_strings define your company LDAP.  For example, the one that I entered above will only work if you are logging in at "example.com".. You have to change this to work with your company settings.
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WARNING: The current LDAP settup only works with LDAP logins under 20 characters (including spaces).  When I set this up, I found that my account worked, but we had a lot of staff with longer LDAP logins.

At this point, I haven't had the time to track down how to enable longer logins, so I re-enabled the register button.
i am not finding ways to what to fill in ldap-config plug-in options.
Like there are several fields and i dont know what all to fill in them by getting details from IT.
can some one help me