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Question2Answer and WordPress integreation available now on Q2A Market comletely free.

With Q2A-WP Pack you can create website with Question2Answer and WordPress SSO integreation. Q2A-WP pack bundled with WordPress Snow Theme and WordPress Plugin which allows you to display

New, random members

Recent, random, old questions

Ask box on wordpress

Additional 3 Q2A widgets to display on WordPress widget area.

Shortcodes to display Q2A questions, members or askbox in WordPress post or page

Functions and class for Wordpress theme developer

This is beta version and WordPress theme is not developed with advance features but in next version.

WP Plugin including 3 widgets which will adopt your WP theme stylesheet and also shortcode and functions allow you to change html wrapper and css class.


Just to specify that you doesn't required to use WordPress theme to use widget, shortcode and function plugin. It will work with any theme for WordPress and even Question2Answer. Just only Your Q2A should be installed using SSO with WP

So now use this pack to give your user feeling of single website while using Q2A and WP as a single sign on.

Download Q2A-WP Pack Now!

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Please keep adding featured request and bug report for this plugin

Will this be available with premium themes from your market place? By the way I left you private message regarding a custom theme.
Do we really have to insert billing info to download free content?
The plugin will work with any WordPress or Q2A theme including our free and premium themes.

Billing info is nothing but just to open an account and to keep record of our customer in case they have some after sell issue that you have to add only one time than for any free or premium product you can login with your account and it won't ask you again but auto-filled.

Account also required for posting and opening support or issue ticket. The reason is because we are not a freelancer but doing serious business and we give full attention to our customer and client. You can see our client feedback and theme support forums that either free or premium issue we have resolved in short time.

If still you don't want to add billing info than I would request you to wait for couple of day we may will add on our GitHub account where you can download without any further process or info.
Ok thanks. But are you not accepting custom work anymore? I messaged you details with no response.
You are always welcome.

Yes we are accepting custom work of course. I apologies for this and get back to you soon there.

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Nice work i will try.
Sure! and post here if you find any bug or issue
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Download page not found!??
Sorry it's old link. I will update it. You can download from http://store.q2amarket.com
Got it, thank you!