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I am having still problems with the buttons (answer edit..) in IE.
What happens is, that if You go page up and down in for example candy theme, the written word "answer" next to the bubble, from time to time looks corrupted, (half line only, white space in line, nothing at all....)

I could track it down to the line

input {outline:none;}
in the css file AND the border:0 in
.qa-form-light-button,.qa-form-light-hover {background:none; border:0;...

I found some kind of partial solution using

input {border: 3px solid #fff; outline-style: solid;} (Example only)
deleting the border:0 statement

This way at least the text is allways readable with very few times one very small line not showing.

But if I add line-hight 30 to show the whole bubble, again the text is corrupted !

Does anyone know how to resolve this ???

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