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Is there a way to disable the function of removing common words from urls?

Example: if a visitor types in the "The question in one sentence" field "When do the NBA playoffs start?", the url is /23/when-the-playoffs-start.

For my site, i need it be specific, since someone could ask "when do the MLB playoffs start?, so there is no diferrence between a question about NBA or MLB playoffs. This is very important to the site i am trying to build.

Thank you.


Q2A version: 1.5.4

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It's not common words which are removed, but rather short ones, to keep the URL within the length that you specify in the 'VIewing' panel of the admin interface. If you increase that number the shortening will stop happening.
OH. I guess i misunderstood how the common words worked. I thought i read on another post that they were removed  from url's. When i looked in my qa_words database, i saw the words that were removed, so that confirmed what i thought. Which was wrong. Your solution worked fine. Thank you Gidgreen !