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If you want to mark questions that are closed as duplicates in your questions list, you can use the advanced theme like that:

// override function to mark duplicate question
function q_item_title($q_item)
    // init string
    $showDup = '';
    // check for closed question
    $closed = (@$q_item['raw']['closedbyid'] !== null);
    if($closed) {
        // check if duplicate
        $closedByQu = qa_db_read_one_value( qa_db_query_sub('SELECT postid FROM `^posts`
                                                                WHERE `postid` = #
                                                                AND `type` = "Q"
                                                                ;', $q_item['raw']['closedbyid']), true );
        if(isset($closedByQu)) {
            $showDup = '<span class="qa-q-duplicate">Duplicate will be deleted</span>';
    // output in question list
        '<DIV CLASS="qa-q-item-title">',
        '<A HREF="'.$q_item['url'].'">'.$q_item['title'].'</A>',


It will add "Duplicate will be deleted" below the question title. I am using this to tidy up a bit =)

Hope that helps,

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