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The default avatar for my website it's 64x64 pixels.

In the mysql db i see the blobs content  size in format image/jpeg with 2 KB

2KB is way too much for a 64x64, how can I compress / reduce size of the avatars?
Q2A version: 1.5.4

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You can lower the image quality from 90 in qa_gd_image_jpeg(...) in qa-util-image.php

But unless you are planning on having 10,000s of users it's probably not worth worrying about :)

One more question, how to enable mod_deflate (gzip) on the avatars? I tried adding a new header information in qa-image.php and qa-app-blobs.php but the header gets no gzip.  
For example http://www.xx.tld/?qa=image&qa_blobid=11460800684791728868 is not gzipped
The file you want to look at is qa-image.php

But... it's pointless applying gzip compression to the avatar images since they are already compressed in JPEGs.