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I'd like to have banners rotate on my site so a person doesn't have to see the same ones all the time.

Is there one? or can one be created?

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You can use simple advert plugin. This version allows you to add advert after every nth questions in list. http://store.q2amarket.com/store/products/q2am-simple-advert/

Next version would have few more options including rotating banners

Jatin.soni ,

How can I make this plugin work to appear the banner center above nav bar under site logo and how do I ad multiple images ? I have 4 sponsors I need to rotate.
This plugin only add advert between question list. You need to create separate plugin or custom theme to display advert at the place you are looking for. I am too much busy at the moment but advert manager is in my road map and probably will release by next month starting.