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I am thinking to fork q2a as wordpress plugin.

Please leave your feedback


I will not use any existing code of q2a, I will create my own codebase and database.

I am still not much famalier with the q2a core code, So it take much developemnt time to convert it to WP plugin. instead of copying q2a code, creating own code will make development faster.

But the whole plugin forntend  will be inspired by q2a.

Thinking to add this features:

  • Question and answer administration from wp-admin (which is missed by q2a)
  • User administartion from wp-admin (which is missed by q2a)
  • Theme support and theme options
  • Plugin support


Q2A version: above 1.6
Could you provide more details? Would this plugin have all the features of Q2A plus the ease of installation of WP plugins? How would we manage Q2A plugins inside that WP plugin?

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If you are just trying to make a question-Answer plugin for wordpress, I am positive they have a plenty of them already. One looks just like QA.

If you are not gonna use any qa code, then your idea is out of the chapter.

I personaly would be interested on your work. Let us know when you finish it..
Yes there are already q2a like plugins. But I don't like it much.

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