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I need a plugin with the following features:

-Two kind of membership: 1-normal users (will pay for montly membership) 2- experts (free)

-Normal users will purchase a montly membership and will be able to search, read questions and answers and ask questions but admin will be able to limit the number of questions can be asked per month.

-Experts will be separated from normal users and there will be an experts directory.  Users will be able to filter experts according to their levels (points), experties (categories) and locations.  And normal users will be able to ask private questions to experts directly.

-Admin will be able to hide normal users profiles from others.

Is there this kind of plugin already developed and any one intested in developing this kind of plugin pls send private message to me.
Q2A version: 1.5.4
I also want to have such plugin, did you find any solution to this? Or Any other plugin in WordPress that offer such functionality.


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