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Could someone share a mode to qa-util-image.php to add $ratio to the mix for when images are uploaded they are cropped by the ratio of 1?


If an image is uploaded that is not already aspect ratio of 1:1 ( i.e 200x200px it will ignore it and simply resize the height and ignore the width.

Example, if Profile Picture is set to 200 and I upload a 600x350 photo it gets resized to 200x200

If the Users Avatar is set to 64 it resizes it to 64x64 and so forth.

I have been trying to figure this out to set a ratio of 1 when an image is uploaded by having no luck, if I use CSS and use max-width:64; etc, since the same class is used in every location all of them changed so it needs to be done in the image upload.
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I want the same thing !
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