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How to Support multiple Categories for the same question, i need this to be for categories not tags because i need the hierarchy too
what i need is some thing like (see image below)
where user selects category then press add so that you can have more than one category 

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You can't. Each question could have only one category. Tages are suitable for such a goal.
Tags is not an option for me because i need hierarchy
Tags are not hierarchical and multiple categories are not supported by Q2A. So if you need that feature you must write your plugin (I think).
i don't think it is any easy thing to do because the underlining database model doesn't allow multiple categories.

Post to category relationship is one to many, while it should be many to many to build a plugin on top of that model
You can use tags, then write a plugin that organises them hierarchically and for example always requires certain tags.
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The function important, because example the user has a question, wich good for more categories. The users like the hierarchy, because this function is comfortable.

How can I make this with tags? When he want use subtag for new question, this is not impossible. When he select computer, after the keybord(subtags) when he see question for this subtags, this is not possible. A subtag isn't only for a tag.