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In Facebook login plugin, user's image is not get full size. I have small fix for that.

Open this file: qa-facebook-login.php

1. Find and insert more field to get: username


To like this:


2. Find and replaces this lines:

'avatar' => strlen(@$user['picture']['data']['url']) ? qa_retrieve_url($user['picture']['data']['url']) : null,


'avatar' => qa_retrieve_url('https://graph.facebook.com/'.@$user['username'].'/picture?type=large')

You can change type of image size:

square --> 50px x 50px
small --> 50px x variable height
normal --> 100px x variable height
large --> max size with 200px x variable height


closed with the note: This is the small fix to sharing

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This is the small fix to sharing, i want people found it.