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Good day.

I am using Q2A to handle reports by concerned individuals regarding varying social issues. The aim is to bring issues like criminal activity, corruption and disdain to the fore in order to hold the offending entity (individual or corporate) accountable for their actions and achieve redress and/or corrections.


Because the reports to be submitted will vary depending on what the report is about i.e. a visitor to the site can report stolen goods, as well as report poor service and/or poor quality products etc so in actual practise the <form>s have different fields to collect different data for information.

Would it be possible to install Q2A into subdomains like:

stolengoods.speakoutzimbabwe.org (Q2A to report about stolen goods with the specialised fields)
poorservice.speakoutzimbabwe.org (Q2A to report about poor service with the specialised fields) etc..

but in such a way that visiting the main site speakoutzimbabwe.org will correlate all the reports submitted in the subdomains with all the stats and links and so on.. on the home page of the "mother" site.
Q2A version: 1.5.4

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I have somewhat managed to accomplish the above by pasting the <form> generated by Q2A into specialised pages and "hard-wiring" the <select> responsible for the Category. I have disabled access to the default Q2A link (./ask) and included the pages links instead in the side panel.

I hope this is useful to someone else out there. If the developers could please add this requirement/feature to a wishlist it would be much appreciated.

Check out the workaround at http://speakoutzimbabwe.org