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I'm getting a lot of visitors but the number of people who post answers are not growing accordingly. What would you suggest to encourage more people to do it?
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Well being an SEO expert I build quality backlinks to my unanswered page using keyword phases like: Help Others Online, Help Answer Peoples Quires, Give Free Advice. This works perfectly for and I have a well balanced questions and answers.

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I was acting as administrator of bulletin board of some other projects. The situation of any open source project is similar. Although questioners does not need much time, responders pay many time and costs and answers him. Although it is written in at this site that it is not technical, either, almost questions are question of Q2A  or consultation of error, etc. I think it important to decide beforehand functions for shortening responder's investigation time, and questioner's manners. For example, let's consider the consultation case about Q2A error. If type and version of Server / PHP / MySQL / Browser are contained in the question, information exchange on the thread and investigation time can be shortened. Moreover, I consider that it is cause that responder's benefits are too few. As result, since questioner takes responder's time, questioner should pay suitable cost. This cost is time, labor, money, etc.