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I am trying to set up unique page titles across my Q2A. I did this before by modifying the core files but to avoid upgrade hassles I'd like to do this in my theme if possible.

Currently I have the following, which works on the question list (20 per page):
    if ( qa_get('start') )
        $this->output('<h1>' . $title . ' (page ' . (qa_get('start')/20+1) . ') </h1>');

But the tag list and user list use different numbers, so I obviously want to replace that 20 with whatever the limit is in each case. How do I get that?
I like this post as I am testing this tool

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Never mind, found the function that gets options from the database:

qa_get_option($qa_db, 'page_size_qs'); // questions
qa_get_option($qa_db, 'page_size_tags'); // tags
qa_get_option($qa_db, 'page_size_users'); // users

I just used the appropriate one based on $this->template.