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How can I add a hyperlink of a keyword in a question?

I want to be able to edit a question and hyperlink a specific phrase or keyword to another part of my site... thanks

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currently this feature is not available in question2answer. It might come in future release.
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As ProThoughts says this is not in Q2A right now. However, it is possible using an advanced theme. I'm assuming you know a little PHP for this.

First follow the instructions on http://www.question2answer.org/advanced.php to make an "advanced theme".

Then you will need to override the function that outputs the question and answer content and use a regular expression to replace the word with your linked version. You might get away with a simple string replace:
    str_replace( ' keyword ', ' <a href="example.com">keyword</a> ', $string );
I tried this:
function main_parts($content)
            foreach ($content as $key => $part) {
                if (strpos($key, 'custom')===0)
                elseif (strpos($key, 'form')===0)
                elseif (strpos($key, 'q_list')===0)

                elseif (strpos($key, 'q_view')===0)
                elseif (strpos($key, 'a_list')===0)
                elseif (strpos($key, 'ranking')===0)
                $this->str_replace( ' key word ', ' <a href="http://www.example.com">key word</a> ', $string );

But that does not do anything, any ideas?