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I am running a Q2A installation on my site (www.tripans.com). Have purchased tovolt theme and the developer made sur it works OK. I have changed the way the points are awarded (5 points for a question, instead of 1 etc). When I click Save and recalculate, it shows the new points system, but, if I want to exit  the page, I get this message:

A database clean-up operation is running. If you close this page now, the operation will be interrupted. Are you sure you want to leave this page?

Needless to say the values DON'T GET updated, even if I wait for hours.

Is there an issue with directory permissions? Or something else? The points are getting awarded OK, but not based on my setting, but the default one. At the same time, while I have re-set the points for the admin, I still get a badge for 1000+ points (even if I have zero). Maybe it's a badge plugin issue? Please advise.

Thank you for your support

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Had the same thing just happen. Ran all the buttons under Admin -> Stats -> Database Cleanup and this did the trick