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I want to hear to members for future plugin development. I hope comparatively big concept (not specific feature). For example, security / stability / functionality / extensibility / speed / memory performance / mutual understanding / information sharing, etc.

Sorry if question already exists.
good question! looking forward to more potentials, I like it ;)

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FYI the most popular request for Q2A 1.6 that didn't make it into the release was bounties.
Thank you gid. I want to hear a little more about kind of feature that you think "bounties" as.
That would be pretty simple with a plugin I think, given we already have the bonus points feature. You can just set people's bonus points to increase/decrease whenever they receive/give a bounty.
+1 for scott. should be plugin.
Nice Scott. Q2A was born as a clone, but I want the unique structure or feature which there is only in Q2A. So-called "Q2A color(characteristic)"