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I am working on one experimental project for Question2Answer Main navigation bar.Currently Q2A by default doesn't allow sort navigation item order and you have to code it in theme or plugin, which is very hard for non-programmer. If I would be able to make sortable navigation plugin than it will be very helpful to people who are not programmer and want to sort main navigation bar order.

I have done basic structure and seems working fine and on the track. However sitll required some of development for more generic use.

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Since I am busy with damn crazy production for Q2A Dev and other Media and Web Development. I would glad if someone would like to participate in this project.

Note: This plugin is going to be free forever.

Q2A version: 1.5.4 and later
I don't know if that's your voice in the vid but it's a chill-out voice, great to listen to :D!!
Yeah that's my voice :P end of the day just got tired and was recording video.. thanks.. :))

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