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Inspired by Scott's answer I wanted to ask you if you like to get tutorials on q2a.

1. question:

A - Tutorials on how to install and use

B - Tutorials how to program themes and plugins

2. question:

Do you like to get written tutorials or do you like to watch videos instead?


To note: I cannot promise to do many tutorials and to do it fast, but at least I want to give these q2a tutorials a kick start with my question :)

Also note that text has the advantage that it can be easily changed afterwards and will be found by search engines. If there are changes in q2a core later on, it is not possible to change a video that is uploaded to youtube...

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I have already started some of tutorials and you can find here on http://tv.q2amarket.com/category/tutorials/

I am also in process of some great stuffs regarding learning purpose. Just stuck with my product updates to support Q2A 1.6 once all done than will get back to the normal routine and will again start to spend my time on that.

I am also planing to make a full serise as time goes.

I just fear that video tutorials might be outdated as more q2a is proceeding. That's why I tend to write text instead. We could also accumulate all questions and answers here for the upcoming guide...
Yes that's right but in reality anything we do today it is going to be outdated tomorrow. That is quite obvious, I believe. So required keep updates with Q2A version either text or Video. Video and text both has own advantages and both are important now days.

You got nice point about accumulate questions and answer here but I would prefer only useful and not all.