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In Admin Panel I want to add one more field which will call a php page similar to current options like General, Email etc., which in turn calls some other php file.

But as I am a newbee to Q2A, I am unable to figure out the php flow of Q2A. So please let me know how do I edit the HTML part of Admin Panel or guide me through to any related article.


Guys please help me out with this. Need it urgently and I am not able to figure it out..

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I think you are looking for custo options? You can add option fields by creating plugin
Actually I am trying to modify the panel adding one field saying Add Question which on click will trigger to one php page which I am yet to create which contains a form and submit. On clicking submit, it should trigger a php code which I have already written.

My problem is adding the new field to the panel as I am not able to figure out a way to do it.
That is exactly what I said!?
Register pluging with option and than you can call that in your code. Most if not all options store in  options table and can call with qa_opt() function.

If you dont know how to make than check my or anyones plugin having option panel.
Hi where do I find your plugin? searched in your site couldn`t find.

Thanks for the help
Which plugin? Oh I think you are looking any plugin with options? Than you can download any free plugin. Almost all plugin has options and you can refer to see how you can add option to your plugin.

You can get it from http://store.q2amarket.com or GitHub https://github.com/q2amarket?tab=repositories
Thanks man!! helped a lot.
You are most welcome..