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There is no feature for hiding user's profile from non-registered users directly.

Another method for hiding "User list" from non-registered users may be simplest for beginner.

  1. "admin" -> "pages" -> "Users" : Check OFF
  2. "admin" -> "pages" -> "Add link" : Click
  3. "Text of link" : Input "Users"
  4. "Visible for" : Select "Registered users"

I think that this is difficult for beginner, you can come true by checking requested URL at new plugin or theme layer.

Layer function that you should override

  • qa-include/qa-theme-base.php  doctype(), etc

Useful API functions:

  • qa-include/qa-base.php qa_request_part()
  • qa-include/qa-base.php qa_redirect()
  • qa-include/qa-app-users.php qa_is_logged_in()
  • qa-include/qa-app-users.php qa_get_logged_in_level()
  • qa-include/qa-app-users.php qa_get_logged_in_flags()

Because many basic element for customizing Q2A are included in this work, you can control Q2A freely if you got this method.

Hello sama55,

One of the community members - pedjas - gave an excellent solution on Sep 26, 2018.

Please head over to the page he gave an answer: https://www.question2answer.org/qa/18536/how-to-hide-user-details-and-use-list-from-anonymous-visitors and see the solution he gave.

Worked beautifully for me!