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Google shows duplicate title for all list sites, this could be avoided by adding a range to the title like:
Recent Questions 20 to 40
Recent Questions 40 to 60

and so on.

Same for tags, unanswered and I believe users (I still have no pagination with users ; )

How can this be resolved, how to add this range to the title ?


The title of hidden questions is the title of home, this as well is not so good, it would be helpful to have something like:

title >  My Homepage Title - Hidden Question 123
In this case the upshowing message would as well need to include
something like,...the question 123 is hidden. Otherwise it would become duplicate content.

Someone already resolved this ?

Thanks, monk

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I don't think the duplication is such a big issue in terms of Google's ranking because the content within the page itself will be different.

Still you can change titles by modifying the assignment to $qa_content['title'] in the respective qa-page-*.php files (qa-page-home.php takes care of quite a lot of the pages listing questions, answers, etc...)

As for hidden questions you don't need to worry since they are only shown to the admin or question author anyway.
Thank You for the answer.

A) I will try to figure it out adding some range or page number to the title on the list sites.
B) Yes, it is clear now, I just saw it on webmastertools, and worried about.

Thanks again