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Okey wall post is the great idea first of all thx for this. But some users post a swear word to others users wall. i can see this but i cant delete this. And google index this. i don want a swear in my web site. Bu i cant interfere this ? i think this is important!

How to change this ?? I want admins can delete other users wall post.
Q2A version: 1.6.2
I think so too. We can cope temporarily by overriding of qa_wall_posts_add_rules() of qa-app-messages.php.
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Yes sama. i will wait the 1.6.3 update. i think it must bi in the core. but it not coming with update Unfortunately i will hack my core.. ( with you :D )

i think its really necessary..
Agree with this. There should also be a permissions setting for this, so I can set Moderators to be able to hide wall posts.
In addition, because moderator knows problem early, Flag? and Email Notification? feature may be necessary like question. I trust abilities of Gideon.
Yep. i'm waiting 1.6.3 version with this...

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Sorry for upped this question but i ( and i think the other users ) really need this..