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I want to change the main filw from index.php to qa.php or any whatvername.php because th eindex is reserved for an intro presnetation etc..etc..

so i changed all the occurences of index.php in all the files (i hope so) but i get an ajax error when i click on the votes arrows..Unexpected response..etc..

what did i miss?

thank and awesome work!!

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I don't recommend doing this since there are a huge amount of things dependent on the fact that index.php works as the root of Q2A.

Still, you can try changing this line in qa-page.php:

'qa_root' => $qa_root_url_relative,

... to ...

'qa_root' => $qa_root_url_relative.'qa.php',

That will change the endpoint of the AJAX requests, including voting.
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It doesn't work