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I guess this is a bug? Happens in question post, answer post, comment post:

1. Have the wysiwyg editor enabled by default.

2. load your page with javascript disabled, so that not the wysiwyg appears but the textarea

3. post content with line breaks

The result: The text content gets posted in one line. All line breaks get removed.

Where is the problem?


This problem occured with one of my user. She said she has a bad internet connection and the editor did not load. Then she posted content which got a one-liner. This happens to her frequently, she said.

Related Q: http://question2answer.org/qa/23917/automatic-switching-editor-instead-ckeditor-mobile-device
gidgreen stated: "If there's no formatting added by CKEditor, it's saved as plain text. See function read_post(...) in qa-plugin/wysiwyg-editor/qa-wysiwyg-editor.php for the logic applied."


But how happens the bug above then?
I don't have a helpful answer, but I would recommend not trying to support users without javascript. Most modern browsers, phones and even slow internet connections will support javascript. I would expect anyone not running javascript now days would experience a lot of problems just accessing normal websites and would recommend they update their technology as the world seems to be run by javascript at the moment.
Use your android phone and navigate to any q2a site that uses CKEditor. None of them will show the editor but a blank textarea. Here you have the same problem as stated above. See also my link from the first comment.
Oh wow, really? I didn't realise they didn't have the compatibility issues sorted yet. Sorry, I should have done a little more reading.

"Is CKEditor compatible with iPhone, Android and other mobile devices?

CKEditor has good iPhone compatibility with minor issues related to platform limitations.

CKEditor is currently disabled on Android devices due to irreparable compatibility issues. You can change settings to accept any mobile environment (at your own risk) by modifying the core/env.js file in CKEditor, but you will not get the same experience that you are getting on desktop environments.

We aim to have CKEditor work on Android and other mobile devices so if you are willing to use it, you will be most welcome to report any bugs that you find on our development site"

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