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I installed both advanced and regular mode but i dont receive any notification when someone answers, and my sendmail works good for other application, so what should i check to see where to fix it?

my server is ubuntu10+apache+php5+mysql


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If you have access to a command line on the server, you can run
    sendmail user@example.com < email.txt
where email.txt is a file with an email message.

I'd suggest installing Postfix, that solved all my problems. You can still use the sendmail command the same with Postfix.

Also make sure your php.ini defines the path correctly, it's usually /usr/sbin/sendmail
sorry, i think i didnt explain well. my sendmail works flawless, but my QA site on sam eserve does not send email when someone answer...hoa can i chack that part of the process? wihc file or function is repsonsible of the email alerts?
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The file qa-util-emailer.php is the one which sends email messages. It uses the well-known PHPMailer library. You can also easily set up your own emailing function by switching on QA_EXTERNAL_EMAILER in the config file, then modifying qa-external-emailer.php.