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I have a site in Drupal 6 and to that site I added the Q2A with a single-sign-on so the doctors that have a profile in the drupal site can move freely into the Q2A to answer the questions that are left by the web-visitors.
HERE IS MY PROBLEM, right now web-visitors can ask questions without registering, because if I make it mandatory they will be re-directed to the doctors register form, which will not apply for a regular visitor.
MY QUESTION: How can I implement the single-sign-on so the doctors dont have to sign-in again when they move from there profile in Drupal to the Q2A., but also make the web-visitors register.
Go easy on me i'm not a developer.
Thank you in advance for your help. 
Q2A version: 162

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You will need to write some code for this. Use regular (internal) user management in Q2A then create a plugin with a login module that can automatically log doctors in to Q2A without them needing to do so explicitly. You can also look into the Proxy SSO Plugin, available on the add-ons page.