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I am getting this issue on my site. When I go to the Wall posts, the first page (and the ones listed on my user profile) have the delete button. But on the second page and subsequent pages, the delete button doesn't show!

Does anyone else get this issue? I cannot check on Q2A here as I only have one page of Wall posts.
Q2A version: 1.6.2

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I can confirm the issue.

The delete buttons are only on the first page.
Confirmed here too!
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It was intended to be this way. Do you think it's right to be able to delete really old wall posts?
if the users make 100 posts per day, they are not so old :-)
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It could be useful even if they are old posts in my personal opinion. It could happen that I forget to read/manage some post, and I remember to do it only later....
However, if you want to turn off the delete button for older posts, I think it should be based on a *known* time period. E.g. posts that are older than 1 year; or older than X years, where X is an option that the admin can customize by his needs
I see the wall as a "public PN" thing *currently*. In this case the user should indeed have the option to delete all wall posts if he wants to.
Yes, absolutely. Like maxjtechno says a user could get many wall posts (only need 11) before deciding they want to delete them.

I think at the very least, all wall posts should be hideable/deleteable by admin, which is another feature currently missing.
OK, both issues are fixed already on this site, and will be in Q2A 1.6.3. Since I don't want to add new interface elements in minor updates, wall posts can be deleted by anyone who has both the "Hiding or showing any post" and "Deleting hidden posts" permissions.