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Dear Friends,

I'm really need an advice!

I installed QA last year and everything was fine...until last week.

Google found a lot of duplicate page titles......

see pic: 



How should I currect this issue?

Should I need to put "lines code" in the .htaccess ?




I see that you have attached to the title meta-tag the value of the start parameter of the pagination.
Have you done it after you have seen the google webmaster report you've linked ?
Yes :)
My Dev do it for me. This is going to fix the issue becuase now the title are dynamic.
I don't know why Q2A do it from the start.
They are amateur in SEO.
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Yes, it will solve the problem.
Speaking about the page structure, I see that the q2a author has applied exactly what google is suggesting to do with a pagination. Have a look here :

If you view the source of a page, for example this one :
you can see that, in the head section, the 2 next/prev links are present :
<LINK REL="prev" HREF="./unanswered?by=upvotes&amp;start=0">
<LINK REL="next" HREF="./unanswered?by=upvotes&amp;start=28">

Google says that they are only a strong hint, and not not a mandate : ok.
But they should work....
I've only a doubt about the href value : "./unanswered?......" used in the page code.
I think it should be better to put here an absolute url or a relative url with a <base> link in the head, as google is suggesting in the article.
I think this could be a (the) problem....
If the rel=next/prev hint was working, you should not have to change the title of your pages in the pagination, because google bot would understand that they belong to the same series.
There is also an "encoded" character (the "&amp;") in the HREF url .... (but google could manage with it since it's also in the pagination links)
Hey maxjtechno,
I'm sorry but I didn't understand your info...

The simple fix of this issue is to make the Page title dynamic..!
Look on my QA system http://www.9comp.com/qa (try to pass between the pages and see that the page title changed.
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I just wanted to say that, even if you solution works (glad to hear that !) I think it can be considered a "workaround" IMHO..
If you read the article of the link I've posted above (google webmaster) they say to use the rel=prev/next  in the "head" of the page as a solution.
And the developer of the q2a page has done it.
But it's not working.... as you have reported (thanks for that)
The problem could be *how* the url has been written in the href field.

First my soloution must to work becuase I create a dynamic titles like the Wordpress work....

Look on my wordpres pages...
http://www.9comp.com/page/2/ (The title here contain the parameter page2)
http://www.9comp.com/page/3  (The title here contain the parameter page3)


and look now on my QA system

http://www.9comp.com/qa/questions?start=14 ( the parameter 14 was add to the title)

http://www.9comp.com/qa/questions?start=28  ( the parameter 28 was add to the title)

That what my developer do. He take the parameter from the Url and put it in the title (Dynamic)...
Now each title is diffrenent :)
Your solution works and it's ok
Here is another proof of it :
The rel=prev/next tag seems not to avoid the warning (duplicate title) on the google WMT

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