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Plugin active and admin pages fout


/qa-plugin/q2a-social-share/qa-social-share.php on line 1

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Post your qa-social-share.php please. You have an error on line 1.

class qa_social_share_widget {
    function allow_template($template)
        return ($template=='question');
    function allow_region($region)
        return true;
    function output_widget($region, $place, $themeobject, $template, $request, $qa_content)
        $themeobject->output('<div class="share42init"></div>');
        /* moved to Layout->custom HTML in HEAD to avoid conflict with Markdown editor script tag
        $themeobject->output('<script type="text/javascript" src="./qa-content/share42/share42.js"></script>');


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