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Hello, I'm getting problem in translating this set of words (which usually appear just below question or answer). Something simillar to the following

 asked 42 minutes ago in Web Hosting by Artodono (120 points)

I don't want to translate into different language, all I need is to change that word "Asked' to something like "posted". I have tried using custom language files and performed phrase customization as suggested on the following page:


I have double checked everything within the 8 qa-lang-*.php files and I'm sure there isn't any "Asked" word

If it's not possible to translate it, I want simply edit the html. I don't know where to find the html entities for the correspoding line.


Q2A version: 1.6.2

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Have you tried cleaning your browser's cache?
hi, it's been solved already. I did further checking and found that several phrases where incorrectly translated.
thanks for your respond anyway