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Issue with Vietnamese tags. 

(ex: à, á, ạ, ả, ã, â, ầ, ấ, ậ, ẩ, ẫ, ă, ằ, ắ, ặ, ẳ, è, é, ẹ, ẻ, ẽ, ê, ề, ế, ệ, ể, ễ, ì, í, ị, ỉ, ĩ, ò, ó, ọ, ỏ, õ, ô, ồ, ố, ộ, ổ, ỗ, ơ, ờ, ớ, ợ, ở, ỡ, ù, ú, ụ, ủ, ũ, ư, ừ, ứ, ự, ử, ữ, ỳ, ý, ỵ, ỷ, ỹ, đ, À, Á, Ạ, Ả, Ã, Â, Ầ, Ấ, Ậ, Ẩ, Ẫ, Ă, Ằ, Ắ, Ặ, Ẳ, Ẵ, È, É, Ẹ, Ẻ, Ẽ, Ê, Ề, Ế, Ệ, Ể, Ễ, Ì, Í, Ị, Ỉ, Ĩ, Ò, Ó, Ọ, Ỏ, Õ, Ô, Ồ, Ố, Ộ, Ổ, Ỗ, Ơ, Ờ, Ớ, Ợ, Ở, Ỡ, Ù, Ú, Ụ, Ủ, Ũ, Ư, Ừ, Ứ, Ự, Ử, Ữ, Ỳ, Ý, Ỵ, Ỷ, Ỹ, Đ)

Issue1: The tags in Vietnamese can display in the question detail page but can not link via URL. (ex: /tag/dấu-hiệu)

I just wonder how q2a site (http://www.question2answer.org/qa/is working fine with all the language (chinese, japanese, vietnamese) for url-friendly, question title, slug, tags...?

Issue2: If use "Use comma as the only tag separator" option, display 404 error when I tried to access the tag url (ex: http://localhost/tag/dấu+hiệu.

Hosting: Windows 2008 + IIS7.5

Any help are appreciated.


Q2A version: v1.6.2
Not sure, but it sounds like it's more likely to be a problem using Windows as a server.

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I have never worked in an environment such as yours, but I think you should search for the problem looking at how the rewrite rules are configured (and how they work) in IIS
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Turkish Character url, unicode bugs...