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There is duplicate content and it is a problem for SEO.


site.com/categoryname and site.com/questions/categoryname have the same content.

site.com/categoryname and site.com/unanswered/categoryname have the same content too.


┬┐How can i redirect all that url with 301 to only  site.com/categoryname ?

Or how can i add canonical tag if i want that the principal url is site.com/categoryname


Sorry for my bad english, i speak spanish and used GTraslate.

Q2A version: 1.6.2

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You can implement the head_custom abstract method and add cononical tag defs to the required pages. Here is some sample code:

In your theme's qa-theme.php file, add the following inside the qa_html_theme class definition:

function head_custom() {
  if ($this->template == "unanswered" || $this->template == "questions") {
    $this->output('<link rel="canonical" href="'.qa_opt('site_url').$this->template.'"/>');