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Hi there!

How to add below Question post (not questions list) :  "Browse other questions tagged 'get tags from post' or ask a question"

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Do you mean to add a message suggesting tag search? Suggesting to visit the full list of questions is redundant.
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Hi Ronlaw, well yes, a message suggestion 'tag search' exactly like in the picture. Why? because if the content is very long (and in my Q2A subject people may write a lot), then I plan to add this below content not to lose people, you know what I mean?
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I had this =>


in bottom of qa-page-question.php, but it doesn't show tags, but a link to full list of question. Maybe someone can call Tag from the page, just here? How to call tags?

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well it doesn't really help me bro, I would like to get all Tags from the page, below.

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My example code: (Add your theme.php)

function main() {
  if($this->template == 'question') {
    $content = &$this->content;
    $categoryid = @$content['q_view']['raw']['categoryid'];
    $suggest = qa_html_suggest_ask($categoryid);
    if(qa_using_tags() && isset($content['q_view']['q_tags'])) {
      if(count($content['q_view']['q_tags'])) {
        $suggest = 'Browse other questions tagged';
        foreach($content['q_view']['q_tags'] as $key => $tagshtml)
          $suggest .= ' '.$tagshtml;
        $suggest .= ' or ';
        $suggest .= '<a href="'.qa_path_html('ask', strlen($categoryid) ? array('cat' => $categoryid) : null).'">';
        $suggest .= qa_lang_html('main/nav_ask');
        $suggest .= '</a>';
As for this sample, display and link change by the use situation of category and tags. You should test it with your environment.
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Hi Sama, firstofall, thanks for you great help. I tried to paste this in my qa-theme.php , but nothing happened. I think I paste it in the right place... but nothing change in question page or anywhere else.
Sorry it's works! Just perfect! It was because I didn't replace it by the other function! Thanks a million man, you really help me!