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Today I was browsing a question answer site. And I noticed that they have artciles between their question lists. And they have also a special menu for artciles like questions, and a differnt menu for submitting articles.

Can anybody tell me whcih plugin was this ?

Is this a question script feature ?

I really need this, please help me.

Here is the site:


Articles Page

Submit Article

I want to know DB structure and cutomized program of this site. Theme is just DUDE, but I think this site is well customized by high level technique.

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That site doesn't have anything specific for articles. It's the same Q2A system except articles are posted instead of questions. Take a look at the bottom of the article:

+1 Yeah just a design and changed the language string. It creates even more confusion the user.
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Don't know how they did it, but I think it is very usefull plugin for those who wnat to wtite articles! I woud buy such kind of plugin.