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I am trying to install the program and have copied all the files up to my bluehost server.  I have followed all the instructions, and then I get to this line:

9.  Open the appropriate web page for Question2Answer in your web browser, for example:

  • If you installed Question2Answer at the root of a domain, http://www.mysite.com/
  • If you installed Question2Answer in a subdirectory, http://www.mysite.com/qa/

WHAT IS THE APPROPRIATE WEB PAGE?  The instructions never say.  I have tried to run qa-install.php in the qa-includes directory but only get a blank, white screen.  And I've tried other files, but none run the setup program.  What would this web page be?



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All source files you need to place on the root of your Question2Answer site.

So if you have a domain http://www.mysite.com and if you want to run Q2A on http://www.mysite.com than place all source file to that directory.

If you want to run Q2A under http://www.mysite.com/qa than create directory named qa under your root directory and place all source files in /qa

The root directory is depending on your server. What I mena is if you are usiing multiple domain with shared account and your mysite.com domain is not the main domain than you may have different root directory for the domain. (check yoru domain section)

But if you have only one domain on the server than usually the root is your public_html directory.

Hope this will help you.

Thanks - I am a bit thick about this entire concept!  I have done everything that you mentioned, but now I am not sure how to get the program to run that installs Q2A, sets up MySQL etc.  Once we have the files on the server (a bluehost server), then what?  Thanks in advance - mrsicily
Watch this video and refer above answers, It will help you to understand how to install Q2A http://tv.q2amarket.com/tutorials/question2answer-installation-and-setup-part-1/

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