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I tried to launch QA with wordpress. So I have some difficulties:

1) Wordpress installed in directory "/wordpress_3/public_html/"


2) QA was unpacked in directory "/wordpress_3/public_html/qa/"

3) I added the next string to config file:

define('QA_WORDPRESS_INTEGRATE_PATH', '/wordpress_3/public_html/'); -  http://prntscr.com/2r7i4t

But when I open my url - easylossweight.ru/qa I have an error

Question2Answer fatal error:

Could not find wp-load.php file for WordPress integration - please check QA_WORDPRESS_INTEGRATE_PATH in qa-config.php

Stack trace:

require() in index.php:31
require() in qa-index.php:48
qa_initialize_constants_1() in qa-base.php:34



Where's a mistake? thank you!

Q2A version: Version 1.6.3

2 Answers

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If you are on a shared web host, the paths are generally start with /home/USER/ for Linux based webhost, so for your case the path might be something like /home/USER/wordpress_3/public_html/

You gotta replace USER with your actual username.

There are many different variations, also common are /var/www/ and /srv/

You can find it out on your host by printing $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']
Thanks Worked. A trick to find out path quickly. Just open wp-load.php in file-editor / code-editor in cPanel's File Explorer. You will find PATH easily in an upper left corner. Just copy paste that path.
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Not worked for digitalocean ubuntu Nginx installation.
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The same issue facing me too, and the website is hosted at digitalocean {Ubuntu}.

How to solve it?