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Request for a new plug-in.

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asked Feb 15, 2014 in Q2A Core by kiranrs143


I think it is very useful to add a "Take a tour plugin"  to new visitors/non-registered.

This is the sample picture.


How can I develope? Any suggestions? Who are interested to develope with me please contact me -> kiranrs101@gmail.com, fb-> https://www.facebook.com/kiranrs143

commented Feb 16, 2014 by maxjtechno
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It's a good idea.
I see a lot of jquery implementations :
it could be a good idea for a new plugin.
(the Bootstrap one seems to be very powerful .. . http://bootstraptour.com/ )
commented Feb 16, 2014 by sama55
Maxj, nice suggestion >>> http://bootstraptour.com/
commented Feb 16, 2014 by lancomega
I would like to, but in a simple way.

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