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hi i want change my sub menu url, but i cant changing. i want this urls but i try many thing but nothing change for example when views click i want go http://www.question2answer.org/qa/sorular?sort=views: but its not happening. how i can change this menu url links?

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Have you seen Subnavi maker plugin?

yes i look after you thanks! But i cant delete sub menu with this plugin. Only add new link. But i want change old sub menu links. i dont want add new sub menu...
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Example of adding logic in nav() layer function:

function nav($navtype, $level=null) {
 if($navtype == 'sub') {
   if(isset($this->content['navigation'][$navtype]['recent'])) {
     unset($this->content['navigation'][$navtype]['recent']);  // In case of removing menu
     $recent = &$this->content['navigation'][$navtype]['recent'];
     //$recent['url'] = str_replace('questions', 'recent', $recent['url']);  // In case of replacing partial
     //$recent['url'] = 'solular?sort=views';  // In case of replacing all
     echo '<pre>';
     echo 'subnavi = '.print_r(@$this->content['navigation'][$navtype],true);
     echo '</pre>';
  qa_html_theme_base::nav($navtype, $level);

Because I cannot understand your question exactly, this logic may not satisfy your needs enough.