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So far, I've managed to have the login / logout / subscribe + names on qa-login-bar as well as points per users in the same bar which is not that bad.

I think I have all the functions fine in qa-external-users.php up to qa_get_user_email.

Now I am kind of stuck with "qa_get_userids_from_public($publicusernames)" and "qa_get_public_from_userids($userids)", which I am not sure about their exact descriptions.

As a matter of fact, in "users" page, only points are showing (no user name). I believe this display is linked to the two above functions that provide proper data for this?

Also in posted questions the author is left blank as well "posted by" is followed by nothing. Hopefully this is related.

Could any one point me in the right direction by giving extra info about these functions and other necessary functions to have users displayed where missing ?

Thank you in advance.

Q2A version: 1.6.3

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