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Everybody who had to deal with avatar images faced the two core functions qa_get_user_avatar_html and qa_get_avatar_blob_html. Both return the avatar image with predefined HTML code, which limits the developers options.

Instead I would like to see a simple function that only returns the avatar image as a link. And the developer can deal with the avatar image as s/he likes.

Why do I mention this?

Try to use CSS to change the existing IMG.qa-avatar-image class or other .qa-avatar-link or ... to achieve an avatar image box that: 1. has always the same size, 2. has the uploaded avatar image centered inside. I researched a lot, it is not possible with CSS and the current q2a avatar implementation.

Just my two cents.


Q2A version: 1.6.3
This is important :(

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Maybe for 1.8 :)

I've created a PR with some handy functions. Particularly, qa_get_user_avatar_link, which returns the user's avatar link no matter where it comes from.


Thank you very much :)