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How can I get the question tab to sort itself by number of votes, rather than how recently it was created?  I'm happy to play around in the php files as I have been doing, but am quite new to it!


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It will be difficult to sort by votes globally, since this requires modifications to the database schema. However it is relatively easy to sort by votes within the page - add the following lines before the qa_content_prepare() statement in qa-page-home.php:

if ($qa_template=='questions') {
  foreach ($questions as $key => $question)

  qa_sort_by($questions, 'netvotes');
  $questions=array_reverse($questions, true);

An integrated (database-wide) implementation of this is on the roadmap.
in version 1.5.1 there is no file called qa-page-home.php

Sorting by votes works for the entire database, but not for individual categories
You can allow sorting by votes for individual categories by modifying the QA_ALLOW_UNINDEXED_QUERIES setting in qa-config.php.